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Super Easy Peach Slab Pie

I wanted to make a special dessert for my grade school friend who was visiting from Tennesse. And when I opened up Jills' Family Recipes -- there it was! It was a hit the first time that I made it -- and it was hit this time as well. My guest enjoyed it, and my toughest dessert critic loved it!

One tip: I made the dessert the night before, rather late. But I felt I needed to cover it over night so it wouldn't dry out. However, it wasn't completely cooled, and because it was so late - I just took the chance, covered it and went to bed. was not as crisp and flaky as it should have been when I served it the next day. The condensation moistened the dough a little. I did reheat it in the oven uncovered, but at a low temperature so it was still not exactly the texture I would like. All to say, just make sure to cool it completely if you are going to cover it! Though, it's actually best if you serve it warm, just after you've baked it.

But Matt, the dessert critic, who NEVER eats any desserts, didn't seem to mind! He loved it! Success! Maybe I'll reprise this recipe for Thanksgiving!

Here's the Pillsbury recipe. Their video is way fancier than mine!


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