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Sunset in Mineral King 2023

We spent four lovely days at our little cabin in Silver City, a remote enclave in Sequoia National Park, and part of the Mineral King Valley.

It was quite smoky on several of the days, but was a bit clearer on the day that I took these pictures. The smoke is from the Redwood Fire in Sequoia National Park, which has been contributing to a string of smoky mornings, especially this last week.

The pictures are from the Mineral King Road, the Mineral King Valley including the Aspen Grove, Farewell Gap, and Blackwolf Falls, with a peak at Sawtooth as well. The steep glaciers walls are reminiscent of an alpine valley in Switzerland.

However, In addition to these majestic sites, the photos also include views of the setting sun in our Silver City front yard where we spent those four lovely days.

Thanks to my assistant photographer and favorite vacation buddy, Robert Hubbell, who took most of the best photos, and who stopped the car every five minutes when I wanted to take a picture. Love you buddy.

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