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Summer Tower Garden!

The Tower Garden was a resounding success last fall/winter. Every single plant in the little pockets thrived. Not one died. And I was able to use all of them, all the time. I used the lettuce for salads, & the chives for seasoning and toppings. I sautéed the spinach, and was amazed by the celery! There was great abundance, and we enjoyed it all season.

Perhaps the greatest boon, however, was just how the Tower Garden looked! It was a lush, green forest of veg, required almost no care, and made me feel like an extremely successful gardener. What more can one ask for?

I am hoping that the super hot temps here in SoCal won't be a trouble for it during the summer...but I'll keep a close eye on it.

The strawberry plants arrived in the mail today. There are 20 apertures in the Tower Garden for 20 plants. I ordered 14 from Atlantic Beach Urban Farms, which came with the rook wool attached, and I will plant the 6 strawberries tomorrow, in rook wool that I have purchased. That will be a new experience that I am excited to try.

Lots going on at our house. Our second daughter, her husband and 8 month old are moving into our guest house next week. So, Robert and I are VERY busy, cleaning, and rearranging to make sure that it's comfortable, and empty (!) so that they can move all of their things into it when they arrive. Big job! But we're up to it...and can't wait to have our granddaughter in the back yard!


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