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Summer Solstice in the Garden!

If you've watched the video you will know why I'm saying that my house is now full of glitter, and it will be awhile before we are sparkle free. But I don't care. I used to have a sign on my office desk that said, "If you don't sparkle, I'm not interested," and I still feel that way! My husband just walked in the door and said, "I see that you've got the summer solstice glitter all over tonight; you're going to have to wash that down tomorrow." And I said..."I don't care! I love the sparkle!!!"

Well, we just got back from the mountains, and even though I've only been away for 2 days, there were so many new things in the garden! That's the magic of gardens, there's always something new. And sometimes things appear that you didn't even know were there -- like my three leaf clovers and my lavender delphinium!

Also, I waited until after 10:00 p.m. to publish the video on YouTube because I wanted to be able to show you the full bloom of the Night Blooming Cereus. She's called the Queen of the Night...and that is definitely an apt name. She is a stunner. Rare. And she literally only blooms for six hours and then wilts when the sun rises. And how lucky we are that she decided to bloom on the summer solstice!!! It truly is magical.

Definitely the work of the fairies!


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