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Strawberries in the Tower Garden!!

This is a crazy pants picture of me. I should be able to change these thumbnails. But oh well. I'll figure it out eventually.

It's been pretty mild weather here in SoCal, June gloom a little early. So the Tower Garden is doing quite well. There's only one little plant that's still a little droopy .

The strawberries that I planted yesterday actually have not had any trouble at all. They are thriving today and haven't wilted. Could be first timer's success!

I've been gardening with a heating pad around my neck because my back is killing me. I have these flare ups now and again, and ugh. It's sometimes hard to do the things that I normally do. But I got out a little in the garden today despite it all --- even though it was with a heating pad around my neck!

I had to spray my tomatoes because...ugh. Last year I had absolutely no disease at all, but this year, I've got septoria leaf spot on my tomatoes and it's spreading throughout the garden. It's always something.

I did get to Target to day -- one of my other favorite stores besides Gelson's. AND I spent most of the time in the little girls' clothing section. It will be so fun to buy little girl dresses for the two cousins! Matching outfits ! Just like my girls!


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