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St. Patrick's Day Patisserie !

I'm getting my Green on! And trying to get used to Life after Alaska! So I'm decorating!

St. Patrick's Day is a big deal around our house. Not only are we Irish (Robert is 50% Irish and I'm 25 % Irish) but in addition to that, Robert and I met at St. Patrick's Elementary School in North Hollywood in 1962. And every St Patrick's Day, our principal, Sister St. Anne (straight from Ireland!) would put on St. Patrick's Day assemblies, with lots of green, Irish dancing, and singing! Such happy memories!

And later, as our daughters grew and became involved in competitive Irish step dancing, we spent every St. Patrick's Day doing "shows" at Knights of Columbus galas, Irish Bar Associations, the Castaways in Burbank, and even once at the Beverly Hilton for the Irish American Society (where the girls danced on tables!) More happy memories!

So this year, I'm going to make more memories...I'm planning a St. Patrick's Day party of my own!

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