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Squirrel Attack!

Everyone in our neighborhood is complaining about the squirrels. It's not just me. So there's some comfort in that.

And I've stopped buying pumpkins. Since I recorded this video a couple days ago, 3 more pumpkins have bitten the dust. That's at least a half dozen pumpkins taken out by the marauders. BUT the knobby ones are still untouched. However, I don't have great hopes that the squirrels will stay away from them for long, once the smooth rind pumpkins are gone.

Now, let me tell you what we have done to try to deter the squirrels from eating our pumpkins. Actually, to be accurate, they are not eating the pumpkins - they are chewing the pumpkins to get to the seeds, which they then promptly strew all over the lawn. Argh.

Attempts at Squirrel Deterrence:

1) Cayenne Pepper/Crushed. On the pumpkins and around the base of the pumpkins

2) Cayenne Pepper/Flakes. On the pumpkins and around the base of the pumpkins

3) Hairspray on top of the Cayenne Pepper - both crushed and flaked.

4) Lacquer on the Pumpkins (Recommended by our neighbor)

5) Stuffing dirt in chewed pumpkins (they pulled the dirt out and continued chewing)

6) Filling chewed pumpkins with water (why did I do this? Revenge? Ir ruined the pumpkin in any case, so we had to remove it from the display. Brilliant idea.)

Things we did NOT try which are recommended by the internet!

1) Pet Hair (no pets - and anyways, that's gross.)

2) Petroleum Jelly (will not waste my Vaseline on squirrels)

3) Peppermint or Garlic spray (why would this work when nothing else did?)

Remind me. Next Year: NO REAL PUMPKINS!


Oct 29, 2020


You are a lucky duck. We continue to have pumpkin carnage here!


Elaine Diamond
Oct 29, 2020

Too bad about those pumpkins...but the squirrels are having fun! We live in West LA and our squirrels seem less interested in causing damage. In any case, I usually buy a few real pumpkins but place them up on our front porch where they're safe.

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