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Spritz Cookies just like my Mom's!

They turned out way better than I had imagined. I think the colored dough really took them up a notch. and they're delicious!

I remember making cookies at Christmas in our little house on Kittridge Street in North Hollywood. My neighbors were all Italian, and they were always making very elaborate cookies like pizzelles, or butter balls, or other delicious heritage sweets. So I found the Spritz cookie tradition all that much more important -- because, I was glad to have a tradition of our own -- even if it wasn't from our ancestors.

In fact, it was from Betty Crocker -- who I still love. I have a Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls, and I used to make lots of recipes from that book when I was little. And most of them really turned out. I still sneak that book out now and again to see if there's anything that I might whip up. My girls were also big fans of that cookbook, and have turned into chefs in their own right.

So, I'm going to believe it really made a difference!

Thanks, Mom. For teaching me how to Spritz!


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