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Spring Shopping!

First I have to tell of the eaglets is hatching! The moderators of the Friends of Big Bear Valley Bald Eagle (FOBBV) Webcam have confirmed that one of the eggs has a pip, (actually a crack) and should be hatched in 24 to 48 hours! Here's the link again if you want to watch the little ones emerge.

Today there were 13,000 viewers on the site watching the eagles, and the eagle community was cheering on the mom and dad and wishing them well!!! It was kid of nutty...but I enjoyed watching the eagles take care of the hatchlings, in communion with other fellow eagle lovers!

And now it's really spring! The birds are hatching, geese are lounging in our pool, and my tulips are showing off like crazy. You know, I enjoyed my spring shopping spree at the nursery, but it made me realize how important it will be to order some plantings and seeds from catalogs. There just isn't the variety of product at at the nursery that I would like. There's always pansies, marigolds, alyssum, you know, the usual. But I like to try different things, and those kinds of things aren't really available at the local nursery. If you have suggestions for reputable online catalogs that have a good variety of offerings, let me know! I am anxious to get started!

This weekend is "tomato mania" at my local farmer's market. This where you can buy almost any kind of tomato seedling you want for your own garden. Last year I came home with about five. This year...I'm ready for more!

Have a lovely weekend...take deep breaths, look up...and down, at the growing things under your feet. And watch the eagles hatch! All miracles of nature.

Eagle link here!


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