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Spring Planting!

There's nothing better than color in the spring garden! And while the bulbs will be a lovely profusion when they bloom - they won't last. But the Gerbera daisies are so hardy, large and bright, they will bloom almost all year long - sometimes more, sometimes less, but even late fall my Gerbera daisy in the backyard was blooming.

That's what's great about experience. As I was wandering in the nursery, I knew much about the plants I was looking at, and how they performed. And that's what directed me to choose the Gerbera daisies. By process of elimination, and because I have had good results with Gerbera daisies -- they were the winner this season.

I remember walking the front garden with my mom when she lived with us, and we would talk about choices for the border, and the beds. She had so much knowledge about all the green things in the garden, and I know that I soaked up some of it. For that, I am grateful.

I can think back to one particular year when she chose spring primroses for the back border where there was shade. We were so pleased with them. They looked like little lavender fairy flowers. In my mind I can see mom and me holding hands in the front yard marveling at their beauty.

We made the exact right choice for spring planting that year.


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