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Spillian...Formerly Fleischmann's in The Catskills!

Robert and I attended Sarah and Drew's nuptials (more on that tomorrow!) at an event venue site called Spillian in The Catskills. It was gorgeous!

Spillian has a long, illustrious history, and luckily, despite periods of disuse, it has recently been refurbished, and was the perfect wedding venue for our dear Sarah.

Spillian was once the former summer home of the Fleischmann family, of Fleischmann's Yeast fame. And it once contained a half dozen mansions for each of the five siblings from the first generation of Fleischmanns.

Here's the thing that I most appreciated about this historic structure:

"When the Fleischmann's arrived in The Catskills to build this property, they had a major national company and were making a point about creating their own elegant rustic mountain retreat during an era of heavy anti-Semitism."

Good for them. They were proud of their success, as they should have been, and were pushing back against the anti-Semitic sentiment of the time.

Here's an original Victorian excerpt about this lovely place...

"This charming spot, whose natural beauties have been so enhanced by a boundless liberality, directed by cultivated taste, is yet in embryo. In the choice and secluded settlement of "Fleischmann's," we may view a place where sordid cares are excluded and the rude turmoil of life's battle stilled, its faint echoes only touching the chord of remembrance, as the reverberations of the swift express, with its varied freight of human interests, hopes, and passions, break softly on the air and lose themselves in the rural solitudes."

This is exactly how it feels. A place of seclusion, and the perfect place for Sarah and Drew's wedding.

Quotes are from the Spillian website:


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