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Somebunny Loves You!

I'm literally trying to process what just happened...we got an appointment for a Covid vaccination on April 1st! I'm still leery, but I am pretty hopeful.

My friend Kathy told me about a website that was taking appointments for people 50+, so I tried it, and wasn't able to make an appointment. Kathy said, -- talk to my daughter, she just made appointments for family members who were 50+. So I called her daughter who I haven't talked to 20+ years!!! She babysat my girls when they were single digits!!!

Anyways, she texted me the link to use, (I'll put it down below) and when we were about ready to give up, she showed us how to persevere and crack the code!! We got an appointment!!!

All to say, it takes a village...and the support of the community you build. Exactly the right message for the Easter season.

Here's the appointment link for a Covid vaccine for peeps 50+


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