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SoCal and Signs of Spring!

The weather here has been unbelievable. I even had to take off my fleece when I was digging in the garden! I can see that it's cooling off a little this week, which is actually good news because I just planted some cool weather crops - and my Tower Garden, it seems, prefers cool weather days too. On days when it's above 70 degrees, some of the little plants in the Tower Garden wilt. So I don't know how they will survive a SoCal summer -- but I have faith! I will update you on the Tower Garden soon!

You might wonder why I planted the seeds that I did today. It's really all a matter of convenience. Those are the seeds that I had on hand in my seed box! Because, as I have told you before, I don't go shopping at all yet, and I haven't been inside at the nursery in order to buy any new seeds. (Though I have purchased a few on Etsy!) So those were the seeds that I had on hand, and since I wanted to get into the garden, I decided that they were just as good as any.

I do plan to do a catalog purchase of seeds very soon so that I will have some unusual plants for the spring, and I am looking forward to that. Plus, I am looking at all the bare spots in the garden, and thinking about what should go where. Dreaming of spring!

On another note, I'm pretty proud of myself that I figured out how to speed up the video in this vlog so that you can see what I'm doing, but don't have to watch every minute of the laborious task! Honestly, I'm pretty proud of myself in general that I have figured out the basics of iMovie so that I can produce and edit these recordings each night without too much trouble. Ok. It's actually pretty dead easy, but nonetheless, I grew up when telephones were the most technologically advanced thing that we had in the house! I am NOT a digital native -- so the fact that I have immigrated into technology and can still mostly figure out new endeavors like iMovie and Online Teaching -- that's definitely a win.

It's hard to imagine that when my mother was born there were no telephones! Technology has progressed so fast and furiously in the last 100 years - and can you imagine life without cell phones? It's just hard to think about. But that's one of the reasons that I like gardening so much.

It allows you to spend time in a very elemental, human endeavor. Growing food and beauty. And when I am in the garden, I forget about phone calls, emails, and texts and I focus on water and sun and soil. That seems like a very healthy thing to do, indeed.


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