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Shoe Shopping!

Sigh. The days of high heels are over for me. Honestly, they are so uncomfortable and so bad for your feet that I shouldn't be boo-hooing. I guess it's just what giving up heels means.

But because it's Covid - I guess it really doesn't mean that much anyway. Most everyone has ditched heels for everyday wear - so even though I'm 65, I'm in good company with all the youngsters as well.

I do like the way heels look on my feet - they make my legs look less chubby, and I look taller than I really am -- which is honestly, pretty short.

I can remember having black heels, red heels, and tan heels, as a must every new school year as I began teaching again. And I would just rotate them through my outfits for each week. My daughters talk about hearing me click around the house as I left for work and before they got up for school.

However, I think that abolishing heel wear could be one of the most positive things about the lockdown. So, I'm going to embrace it -- and stop whining. Next shopping trip...more than one pair of shoes!


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