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Shoe Shopping!!!

Gardening shoes are impossible. I've tried wellies, garden clogs, and I even paid lots of money for highly rated water resistant Martha Stewart recommended garden shoes that look a lot like garden clogs -- and gave me such bad blisters after a single one hour wearing that I gave them away immediately.

I know that there are others that I can try.

Muck boots, Sperry boots, lots of choices. Maybe I'll try again. But there's still two problems that I need to solve.

1) I need what ever shoe that I'm wearing in the garden to be really supportive. As I've mentioned, my balance isn't great, and I also get plantar fasciitis pretty easily so...good support, and traction is really important.

2) I need for them to be water proof. I am always getting wet when I water. Even in this video, when I have just watered, you can see that the bottom of my sweats are soaked. Yet, even though they must be water proof, they must also be able to breathe.

Picky. Picky. Picky. Let me know if you have any garden shoe recommendations!

In the meantime, my quarantine experiment has gifted me with TWO pairs of garden sneakers -- and for the moment they're working just fine.

Have a lovely weekend! Go shoe shopping! You will be surprised! See you Monday!


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