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She Said "Yes!" to the Dress: Part 2

I have received lots of reader response about Julia's wedding dress! Lots of you chose your favorite. And lots of you were anxious to see the dress she finally chose. None of the dresses from Part 1 on Friday were top choices. Today's dresses, from the Part 2 Monday blog, were those that Julia seriously considered -- BUT NONE of today's dresses were THE dress.

I know, you're disappointed. But Julia really wants to keep her final choice a secret until the wedding. Her fiancé, Dan, believes it's bad luck for him to see the dress, so he has been assiduously avoiding all mention of Julia's real wedding dress. And I'm on his side. I also think that her final choice should be a surprise! It will make the wedding even more special for the big reveal to happen on the day!

I can tell you one thing about her dress, though. She looks absolutely stunning in it -- she will be the most beautiful bride.

However, seeing the dresses that she almost picked is also lots of fun! And I promise that I will show you lots of pictures of the dress from the wedding -- but it's not until October 2022! Hopefully by then, we will feel comfortable about having a large group gathering.

On our second bridal salon visit we were accompanied by my oldest daughter, Jennifer. This made the day even more special. Because Julia and Jenny are over 9 years apart in age, Jenny was often like a little mother to Julia - so having her at the bridal salon was very fitting. We were all a little misty as we gathered together at the salon. Our little Julia is getting married!

Many more adventures to come! And lots of happy tears!

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Elaine Diamond
Aug 09, 2021

Of course, we look forward to seeing Choice #1 sometime in the future...October 2022 seems like a long time to wait, but oh well! Julia is beautiful and I hope she chooses a simple, elegant dress that reflects her own sense of style, and that she will treasure for many many years.❤️

(btw: My husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary yesterday - when we decided to get married and move across the country to Washington, DC, my mother planned our lovely wedding in less than a month! And I wore a wedding dress borrowed from my closest friend...)

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