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She said "Yes! to the Dress!"

Wedding Dress Shopping! So beautiful! And now that she said "yes" to the dress -- I feel a little misty that it's all over. It was 2 wonderful days with my Julia -- and she looked stunning in every single dress -- but surprisingly the decision wasn't that difficult!

Day 1 we went to a bridal salon in West Hollywood that was small and intimate but had lots of lovely dresses. Each time she tried on a dress we thought...this could be the one!!! But once we held them all in our head, it was clear that there was only one very special dress that was made for my Julia.

The salon experience was different from 40 years ago when I bought my wedding dress. I looked long and hard at Bridal Magazines, and went to the salon that carried the gown that I had chosen. I tried on one dress -- and bought it! Julia looked at hundreds of dresses online, and we shared our opinions of styles, and aesthetics, and had fun dreaming about the perfect dress. And once we got to the salon, Julia had told them in advance which gowns she wanted to try on, so they had prepared a fitting room for her.

I don't think that either of us imagined the dress that Julia chose. It wasn't one of the ones that she had chosen in advance of our visit. BUT it is the MOST perfect dress for her, and has already made the wedding experience a beautiful one! Many of the dresses that she tried on were contenders (mostly because Julia is so beautiful!), and Julia wanted pictures of each of them so that she could reflect on how they looked on her, and make the right decision.

But when we both cried on the way home thinking about the dress that she ultimately chose -- I pretty much knew that it was going to be the one.

Be sure to watch on Monday for the dresses that were real contenders!

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