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Senetti Color!

I took myself to the nursery this weekend, on the lookout for color in the winter garden. And I found the Senetti! There are pinks, purples, and multicolored ones too -- all spectacular. I feel like going back and getting another one!

They look a little like the African Daisy, but are way more saturated in color, in fact, they sparkle! Just up my alley! I don't care that they will probably be an annual plant. They're just what I needed right now, so that makes it ok!

I'm just going to keep tidying the garden as I await spring. A clean garden is also a very satisfying thing. I still have lots of lavender to prune, and a few olive bushes as well. That's hard work. But very rewarding when it's all done.

Next up. I am going to browse through a few seed catalogs as I dream of spring -- I let you know what I find!


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