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Saving Tomato Seeds!

First of all, let me say. Worst. Hair Cut. Ever. Ugh. I'm trying to be sanguine about it because hair grows out -- but the cut and the color, is just...embarrassing.

Now that that is out of the way. I'm really excited about my seed saving. I've never done it before, and I like that my son-in-law and I are on the same plan! His mother has saved tomato seeds before with success, so hopefully -- this will have a happy ending!

I am a little sad not to have tomatoes in my garden anymore. I've started having to buy them again at the market and it's just not the same. Eating fresh from the garden is always so delicious - and so fun.

But one thing is for sure -- I don't think that you save any real money by growing your own garden in a backyard like mine. I just don't grow enough to make a difference. But no matter, it gives me great joy - and isn't all that expensive of a hobby - so it's a win/win.

Temperatures are going to be hot again here in the Valley. It's predicted to be 100 degrees tomorrow, again. So, I'll be hand watering tomorrow morning!


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