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Rodeo Drive in Spring!

You can always tell when we go to the doctor -- it's the only time that we visit Beverly Hills! I'm a forever Valley Girl, and we generally don't venture much out of the San Fernando Valley, except when we go to the doctor!

Our Provider, Cedars Sinai, is mostly located in Beverly Hills and I always enjoy cruising down Wilshire Blvd. to peek in all the high end stores. So many sparkly things!

Today, I decided to take a quick stroll on Rodeo Drove ( of "Pretty Woman" fame) just to see what was in the windows this season. The sun was shining, and all the store windows were full of spring time. Jewels, and polka dots, shiny luggage, neon giraffes, and gold bracelets. Just the kind of things I don't need but love to dream about.

It was a little pick me up after a long, hard, few weeks with a bad cold in our house. Robert is still not 100 percent, so I made him go to the doctor just to check in. All is well, but some healing still is needed. So I will be spoiling him for a little bit longer!


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