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Rocking Horse Babies!

Cora's rocking horse is a family heirloom, and all of the grand babies will get a chance to have fun on it. Abby had some time with it already. But, really, it belonged first to Jennifer, my oldest daughter.

Jennifer was the first grandchild in both of our families - both Robert's and mine. So everyone was elated to have a baby to spoil. The rocking horse that Cora is on, was given to her mother Jennifer by her great grandmother Ruth Hubbell.

It's nice to use her name. To hear her name. Ruth Hubbell. She was the matriarch of the Hubbell family for a great while, and she wore that title well. She wasn't exactly the doting type, but she did spoil the grandchildren. The rocking horse is proof of that. It's personalized with her name and the date, 1985. I remember when Jennifer received it, we were all so excited, because it felt like such a special piece.

Grandma Hubbell was a very special woman, and I'm glad to have known her, and to have my daughters be part of her legacy. They are part of a long line of strong women in the Hubbell family, and I find great comfort and pride in that.

And, here it is 36 years later, and that once brand new rocking horse has become an heirloom. Time sure does fly.

Thanks Grandma Hubbell.


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