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Robert Goes Over the Edge

Honestly? I wasn't happy about this from the beginning! I didn't want him to do it because I was worried that it would be risky. But I knew he would want to challenge himself - and I didn't want to deny him that. So, I agreed to go along and document the excursion!

Once we got there and I saw the building, I started to cry. And I cried intermittently throughout the event until I saw him on the ground again. (I was so much fun to be with.) So, for me, it wasn't such a pleasant experience. But I was able to distract myself by being the documentarian.

Robert did a fabulous job! All participants wore Go-Pros on their helmets and the videos of Robert actually repelling down the building are stunning. I was glad I was able to include them in the recap.

It was also fun for Robert to do this with his good friend of so many years. Eric and he have been running buddies ever since I can remember. This will be something they can talk about on their runs for a very long time. Generally, when Robert comes home from a run with Eric, I ask him what they talked about, and he usually says "nothing." Which I know isn't true.

Now, when he says "nothing" I may have some inkling what "nothing" really means.

So glad my buddy is safe home with me again. Whew! Having your husband repel down a 26 story building is exhausting!!


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