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Ringing in Spring!

I am soo glad that I popped over to the nursery on Wednesday and bought a few flowers. Just a few. It really brightened my spirits and made the garden sing. It's surprising what a little color can do.

Or a little sugar. Oh Lord. I do love See's Candy. I've decided that Scotchmallows are my favorite candy. It used to be Bordeauxes, but it's definitely Scotchmallows now. Scotch mallows are dark chocolate covered caramel topped with marshmallow. And for St. Patrick's Day they have mint Scotchamallows. What? I had to have one of those!

See's Candy reminds of my dear mom and dad. We had See's candy for every holiday occasion. And I could tell what was in every single candy. And that was because I tried every single candy and then put it back if I didn't want it. And my parents never yelled at me.

Today, many of the candies in the one pound box are the exact same candies that I taste tested in 1960 in our little home on Kittridge Street..

You know, there's just something about things that stay the same that feels like home. Change is good. Change is necessary. I embrace it. But purple pansies in spring, tree trimming parties at Christmas, and See's Candy at every holiday...those things are just lovely... and I hope they never change.


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