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Retail Therapy!

It's been such a long time since I've been in a mall, alone, just wandering. I'm a mall expert. My girls grew up at the Fashion Square mall. It's the mall where the movie Clueless was filmed. It's not overlarge, just big enough for an afternoon stroll.

In my youth, Fashion Square mall was an outdoor mall with stores like Judy's, David Orgell, and Bullock's. I remember fondly the Bullock's after Christmas sales...delight!

It's a very different mall today. Some of the old standbys from my daughters' youth are still there...Bloomies, Banana Republic, Brighton, and Macy's is where the Bullock's used to be in my time.

All to say that it was great fun prowling around the ole haunt. Maybe one day, I'll wander with the granddaughters!

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