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Remembrances from the Office

I need to change the title of this blog. Since the grand babies I'm just not spending as much time in the garden as I used to. And that may not change anytime soon. I'm still very attentive to the garden, I just don't get out to work in it very often, and the only project that I currently have going is my Winter Garden - which is doing respectably.

I am spending more time organizing and cleaning -- and that probably won't change much either. There's always so much going on that I'm cleaning up and busy about the house much of the day. Plus, so much fun to be had with the grandkidlets. So, I hope that my daughter Julia will help me switch out the title, and change over to a new improved version of my daily blog -- coming soon! But don't worry, I'll always be sharing my garden with you because it gives me so much joy.

This video is very personal, but I don't mind sharing because I am proud of the work that I did at the University, and I am grateful for the support that I had both in my personal and professional life. I mentioned my family in the video, but I did not mention the many supportive, and caring colleagues that meant so much to me during my time at LMU. Work places can be very political, but the faculty that I worked with always had the best interests of the students at heart, and that is a great place to be.

And finally, I was surprised that I teared up when I spoke about the election and Hillary's loss. It was something that made a profound impact on me, and I am still working through it, I guess. I am currently reading the book that Hillary wrote with Louise Penny, and it makes me happy that she has moved on to other fulfilling endeavors, and is living a life that makes her happy.

I need to follow her example.


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