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Relax with us! At the CSUN Duck Pond!

After the trauma of Covid Testing (the test itself is not a big deal - it's the planning and the waiting that's crazy!), we decided just to power down, and drive a little. My friend Marilyn suggested this spot near us in the San Fernando Valley, and I had never been.

I was so pleasantly surprised! It's so well taken care of, and, a little bit of a California history right in our backyard. California used to be filled with Orange Groves, and the California State University Northridge Orange Grove is approximately 500 acres, with over 400 Valencia orange trees. It's a lovely unique feature of the campus that was preserved in the recent master plan update. Students use the orange grove and the pond to study turtles, bees, and provide oranges to local community groups who serve the needy.

As we departed the campus, the clock marked the hour, and it felt like we were in exactly the right place. Relaxing in an orange grove with the mallards on a Sunday afternoon.


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