• Jill

Reading the Newsletter Together for the New Year!

As you may know, my husband Robert writes a progressive newsletter nightly. Entitled "Today's Edition," it analyzes the news through the lens of hope. Something that we all need these days.

Here's the link to his newsletter:


For New Year's, Robert reflected on the 4 top stories of the year that most impacted our family's daily life. Tonight he and I read the newsletter together, and I thought you might like to see behind the scenes.

I must say it was hard to multi-task! Forgive the editing! I had a difficult time getting the video and sound just right.

In any case, Robert and I support each other in all things, so it's appropriate that we end the year sharing an endeavor that means a great deal to us. Both of us are committed to informing, inspiring, and lifting up.

We are glad to be sharing our journey with you.

Happy New Year!