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Reader Valentine Displays!

I received many beautiful entries for Valentine displays -- and it made me so happy to see all the bright spots in your homes as you celebrate the holiday in very unique ways. Rock Valentines, Blood Orange Valentines, Pansy Valentines, Rooster Valentines, Yoga Valentines, Duck Valentines, Jewelry Valentines...and so much more!!! I enjoyed them so much. And I've watched the video lots of times because it just puts a smile on my face.

So, Be My Valentine!!! It's been such a rewarding journey to create this blog everyday. Whether I'm in the garden, at the stove, or on a mini-vacay, I take you with me. And I'm always thinking about ways to lift our spirits, and find the beauty in the little things that we often overlook.

After 412 videos, (can you believe its?) things are still new every day, and there's so much more to think about and explore as we journey together.

Plus, YES! I did have a Super Bowl Party! It was a virtual party because we weren't able to be home -- but it was great fun..even though I didn't win the pool!

Happy Valentine's Day dear ones! Much love.


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