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Rainbows and Irises !

I have been continually surprised by my irises this past December. They have put on a show all holiday season, and have continued into the New Year! One is more beautiful than the next, and they have bloomed so profusely, that when I wake each day, I can't wait to look into the front garden.

However, yesterday, the most amazing thing happened...the confluence of two of nature's beauties. California has been enjoying wonderful weather, and just after the New Year, we had a lovely rain, and then the most beautiful rainbow!

Robert was working outside, and he came inside to tell me about the rainbow. I told him to GET THE CAMERA! He dashed inside to get the camera and then took all the fabulous rainbow pictures in the video today. I particularly love the artistry of the rainbow with the irises in the foreground. (See if you can find the DOUBLE rainbow!)

So -- my husband is not only a wonderful writer, but a terrific photographer too! Such a multi-talented guy! How lucky am I !

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