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Pumpkins in the Garden!

Sometimes, I can't believe how lucky I really am. I married a guy who is so talented, so generous, and so much fun - that it's hard to believe!!

Robert is a terrific lawyer, a fabulous writer and intellect, a great husband and dad/grandad, but what's even more surprising is that he is so handy that it's astonishing.

He can make anything, and fix anything - and I'm not just talking about pumpkins. Just recently, he fixed our air conditioner, when it blew out in a heat wave, he's fixed my computer a zillion times, & he installed these complicated locks on our doors just a few weeks ago. He made this amazing picnic bench for the mountains which he just transported up there the week before evacuation. (I sure hope that the fire doesn't come through our little community because I don't want that table to burn!) Plus, he does all the plumbing, and propane/electrical work up at our cabin. Honestly, I can't think of anything that he can't do.

Well. He can't cook. (It might be that he just doesn't want to - but he pretends that he can't.) Nonetheless, he's very appreciative of my cooking - so I don't mind.

And to top it all off, he indulges my holiday decorating fever...who could ask for more?


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