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Propagating Aloe! (For my Son-in-Law)

I had a heck of time with this video. When I watched it back, I realized that I'm an accidental

comedian! Oh brother.

The two funniest bits on this video are when I stick my phone (and my head apparently) into the large pot that I use to replant the Aloe Vera. When I played the video back and heard the echo chamber in the pot, I was mortified. The second bit is when I try to show the large points of the aloe leaves, but really just wave the camera around indiscriminately in the hopes of finding a point - any point, to get into the camera viewfinder. Hilarious. Really it's just my nascent technology and video skills on display!

Also, in full transparency, I vetted this video with my new son-in-law first. I wanted to make sure that he was ok with being the raison de etre for the video! While I did need to propagate the aloe in any case, I thought that it might help my son-in-law be motivated to get his done as well. His job, as you can see from the video, will be much bigger than mine was - because his pup is a full doggo! And I am sure that he has more than one pup on that plant. But the journey starts with a first step, so perhaps this can be the impetus for that. He may very well think - "Oh brother, my mother-in-law is nagging me virtually about my gardening." Which, I suppose is one way to think about it. I see it more as just a helping hand to get him started on a job that I know he wants to do! I guess perspective is everything! Nonetheless, gardening supplies are on the way to his house!

The Covid news from California, as in other states, is dire. And I feel anxious about the state of our collective health, of my family's health, and what lies ahead. Being in the garden, digging in the dirt, talking about pups on plants, releases me from that anxiety for a few hours, and I am grateful for that.


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