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Preparing the Christmas Eve Meal!

We had lovely Christmas Eve. Ten guests -- and all those not in our pod completed Covid rapid tests before they attended. So we were safe, and able to gather inside for our holiday meal. Robert really was thinking ahead and bought a box of rapid tests about a week ago, before the testing craze began, so we were grateful to him.

Julia and Dan were really the chefs of the meal. Dan cooked his family recipe, manicotti with meatballs and chicken sausage, and Julia assisted as they both toiled in the kitchen all day. I was grateful to them because it freed me to clean a little, set a beautiful table, and make my radish appetizer.

The funny thing is I don't have any pictures of our completed dishes! The manicotti and meat side dish was gorgeous. And the radish appetizer was also insta-worthy! Alas, I was too busy getting things together, to think about photographing everything. I'm definitely not a digital native!

It doesn't matter - you get the drift. We had a warm, wonderful evening, with our new granddaughter Cora - her very first Christmas! So much to look forward to in the New Year!


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