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Practicing Using the Hammer Drill!

I don't know about that hammer drill. I don't see how it is much different than the the garden drill that I had previously. It performs the same function BUT, according to Robert, (who I always believe) it is WAY more powerful. And that is what I need because the ground in the back garden is just awful. So I'll update you when I use it again so you can really see its power!

There's so many of my bulbs coming up, and feel really happy about that! I saved all of the descriptions for each of them, so I will be able to identify them, and that makes me happy too! I planted lots of different varieties of irises, tulips, alliums, daffodils, and crocuses. It should be a lovely display if they all behave. I probably planted 100 bulbs!

The downside of bulbs is that after planting there's a big bare spot because they don't come up right away. So I have lots of bare spots in both the front and back garden and I don't like that. I tried an experiment, and planted lupine seeds on top of the bulb plantings. And some of them are coming up -- BUT NOT on top of the bulb beds! I just scattered the lupine seeds, and so they did what seeds do, and the wind caught them and they are all over the garden! Nonetheless, I will be happy to see them bloom as well. They remind me of our mountain cabin where the purple blooms run riot over the mountain landscape.

The one big success of the bulb season thus far is that I have outsmarted the squirrels! I placed either hardwire OR netting over all of the bulb planting spots, and I haven't lost one bulb to those marauders!

I feel really accomplished today. A practiced Hammer Drill user AND an expert Squirrel obstructor! I win!

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Ann Tollefson
Ann Tollefson
Jan 13, 2021

Jill, do you use a special bit with your drill?

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