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Two things will explain this video better for you.

1) We ALWAYS take down our decorations -- ALL of our decorations immediately after the last trick or treater. So around 8:30 - 9:00 we are unplugging lights, lugging heavy pumpkin stacks and halloween yard statues into the garage, and breaking down the tent and treat center in our driveway. Whew.

2) That means that we were extra tired today - and so I didn't really take proper video of all the things that I should have! For example, I should have showed you the gorgeous Talavera pumpkins! And how we protected them in their boxes. And I should have showed you the new enclosure that Robert built for all of the Halloween statuary. But...

3) I was too busy cleaning out the garden bed to find a proper place for the Thanksgiving display. Then I had to dash to Michael's for the finishing touches needed for the display (all fall merchandise was 60 percent off!) And finally I had to put it all together before the sun went down!

4) So tonight I'm just going to be ok with a half-baked video, and glad that I was able to get all my jobs done!

Tomorrow I'll show you the Thanksigving display!


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