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Pool Time!

We've enjoyed our pool ever since we bought this house in 1989. I never thought that I would be able to afford a house with pool, and so when that became a reality, it honestly felt like dream!

Our girls have spent many, many happy hours in the pool, with friends, with each other, playing games, cooling off, and taking swim lessons. I fondly remember sitting in the backyard shade each afternoon watching one or more of them taking a swim lesson, or just enjoying the long hot days of summer.

Well. Now it's our turn! I haven't swum too much in recent years, because the pool is cold, and I'm a big baby. But Robert has it fixed now so that there is no excuse!

And it's glorious! He and I are having so much fun with our daily swims...he even asked me to buy him pool slides for Father's Day! That's something I never thought I'd hear!

But the biggest bonus is that we can't wait to introduce our grandchildren to our newly refurbished pool! More swim lessons to come!


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