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Play Ball!

Baseball makes everything better. Let me explain a few things about the game last night:

1) There were a a few Angel fans at the game and I think I chatted most of them up. That was great fun. Mike Trout did not play because he had a "stomach bug." I hope that's all that it is.

2) Seeing Shohei Ohtani is like seeing a super star. That was spectacular. He's an amazing, once in a lifetime player. I feel privileged that I can watch him play.

3) I like Angel Stadium better than Dodger Stadium, but I spent my youth at Dodger Stadium with my dear parents, watching both the Dodgers and the Angels. So I have very fond memories of the place, even though we got vaccinated there!

4) Robert is such a great sport. He is not as crazy about baseball (or sports) as I am but he is a great partner and enjoys the games with me anyways.

5) And lastly, don't judge us. We left the park at 8:45. The game was quite long, and by the time that we left, we had been at the park almost 3 hours -- and it was ONLY the 5th inning!!!! That's a real drawback of baseball -- it ended up being an almost 4 hour game, and so we decided that since Robert had yet to publish the newsletter, we needed to head home. That's why in the last video we are in the parking lot without any exiting traffic! I kinda felt like an oldster, but we listened to the game on the way home like we did with my mom and dad many years ago -- and the Angels won!

I love baseball..

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Chiara Kagan Jaffe
Chiara Kagan Jaffe
09 abr 2022

Jill, your videos and Robert's newsletter are such a bright spot in my day! Thank you so much to both of you.

Me gusta
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