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Planting a Rainbow of Irises!

Why I thought that taking a video of dirt would be interesting, I don't know. Honestly, this video is completely unwatchable. Watch me dig in the dirt! Watch me point at dried bulbs! Watch me talk about using a garden drill! Riveting!

It's a mess. But if you can get to the end, the pictures of the irises that should bloom in the spring are quite beautiful.

One reader wrote me today and told me that Robert and I should be hiring someone to help us with some of these garden and household jobs. Today I completely agree. I've been almost completely supine after my bulb adventure - and I may be in the same position tomorrow! Digging in the hard dirt is really taxing - and I think that it would taxing for someone who is not my age! Or at least that's what I am telling myself.

Anyways, enjoy peering at the dirt in my backyard!


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