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Patio Dining with My Daughter!

My oldest daughter (I have 3!) invited her father and me over for dinner to her apartment last night and we had such lovely time. You can see how spoiled we were by the cheese display and decorations that awaited us when we arrived. We wore our masks, sat 6 feet apart, and chatted away through a delicious dinner of pineapple shrimp fried rice, brown sugar carrots, and fresh watermelon. My daughter and her partner also have the gardening bug and their indoor AND outdoor gardens are robust, with lots of beautiful specimens, some experiments, and loads of cuttings.

I was delighted that she allowed me to take some video of her gardens (which I will share soon!), because I know that many of my readers live in smaller spaces where indoor gardening, and patio gardening provide much joy. And for those that want to begin, my daughter is a great example, because her gardens are quite new, and many of her recent plants come from cuttings, so it hasn't been an extravagant expense.

That doesn't mean she hasn't been hanging out at Armstrong's Nursery! I told her yesterday that Armstrong's had just gotten in a new shipment of many new indoor plant specimens (I know this because I hang out at Armstrong's A LOT), and I encouraged her to just go take a look so that she could dream of what she might like next. But she said that it simply wasn't possible. She told me that she can't control herself at Armstong's! Well, to be honest, -- neither can I. I guess that must mean that the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

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