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Pantry Love

When I was growing up my mom's pantry shared space with the broom closet. And for the first 30 years of my marriage, I really didn't have. pantry at all - more of a dedicated cabinet. So I feel very, very lucky to have the special space that I have today.

And I always enjoy reorganizing it! Using little bins and boxes helps, and placing all like things together also makes it feel more organized. Here's the problem,.

I'm the only one who knows where anything is. My poor husband has a looking problem, and sometimes when things are right in front of him he can't see them. So no matter how organized anything is, it's just difficult for him to locate items he needs.

That's why the cookies are on their own shelf...easily identified!

So, since there's just two of us living here, I guess that means that the pantry reorganization was just for me!

And I'm ok with that!


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