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Out of Quarantine...and Mall-ing it!

Big weekend!

I know it may sound shallow of me. And I'm a little hesitant to admit it. But my girls grew up at malls.

I know that some people are shopping averse. And, in fact, not all of my girls uniformly appreciate shopping the way I do -- but nonetheless, I know that they would agree -- we've had some of our favorite times shopping at the mall. We were off to the mall for lots of reasons...graduation dresses, prom dresses, hiking boots, school shopping...and of course Christmas shopping. In fact, one of my daughters had a Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party at the Fashion Square mall!

Visiting the mall was always an adventure, and we would people watch, do trend spotting, and of course, stop for a bite a the food court. Even on the days when things went awry and there was absolutely nothing in the mall that fit, (!) we were always able to salvage the day with an afternoon tea from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

So this weekend's trip to the mall was really a return to normalcy for me. And now a new chapter begins...and if my daughters let me...I will teach my granddaughters the finer points of mall shopping, and spoil them just like I did their moms.


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