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Our Mountain Cabin Kitchen! ( And a Rotary Dial Phone! )

What a weekend! We drove up to our Sequoia Mountain Cabin (a 6 hour drive!) and then spent the weekend cleaning both inside and out!

Moving into the cabin for any visit (not just opening weekend) always includes unpacking the truck, which is no small feat. We have to bring all of our food up, all the linen we will use, clothing, and lots of tools for any exigencies that might arise.

Just on day one, Robert fixed the propane problem, opened the water system, started the water heater, & cleaned and raked both front and back. I washed and dried all the glassware, utensils and cookware in the cabin, then cleaned all the windows and screens. The pollen from the pine trees is really thick this year, so the day after I meticulously cleaned every surface in the cabin, everything was full of pollen again. Ergh.

We also socialized with our mountain friends, and drove up to the trail heads at Mineral King to see the beautiful vistas. We didn't hike this trip, but hope to do so later in the summer...if my back holds out!

The aspen are just beginning to leave, and that was a pretty sight. It's very dry, and so not a lot of snow on the mountain tops. Our cabin is at 7,000 feet, so it's pretty high elevation, and it does take a little to get the body accustomed to it. But we persevered!

After our first day, Robert and I were so tired we almost went to bed at 7:00 p.m.!!! But we held out, and enjoyed a cabin fire, and a good book (more on that soon!) before we turned in.

It was a productive, and surprisingly relaxing weekend, with no particular schedule. And on Saturday morning, I heard the Dawn Chorus!!! VERY early in the day (5:00 a.m. or earlier) if you happen to wake, you can hear all the birds in the mountains just singing away at the top of their lungs, greeting each other and sharing the news of the day. It was quite glorious, and something I hadn't heard since last summer.

So many lovely things to look forward to this cabin season!


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