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Opening Day 2023!

I love baseball. I mean, I really love baseball. I count the days until the season begins. And then I watch every game. Even if it means just keeping track virtually on my iPhone! And I get baseball alerts on my phone, so I'm up on every major trade, injury, and big play all season.

There are two really great things about that. First, my son-in-law is a big fan, so we celebrate and commiserate all season long about our teams. (He also gets minute by minute baseball updates on his phone!) It's nice to have a baseball buddy like that.

Second, my husband puts up with my baseball fanaticism. In fact, he indulges me -- and just to prove the point -- this year he bought me Opening Day Tickets at Angel Stadium!!!!

What a prince!

I'm really excited to see both Trout and Ohtani in the lineup -- it's really a historic year for us. And no matter what the future holds, I'll be able to say I saw these two great players on my team in 2023. That makes me very happy.

I'll make sure to take you along to Opening Day at Angel Stadium! Counting the days!


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