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Opening a time Capsule from 2000 --- and Ringing in the New Year!

This video was so much fun to do with my darling daughter Julia. We had our New Year all planned out and followed our list to a "t"! Here's the list:

New Year’s Eve To-Do List

1) Order Fancy take out!

2) Use edible glitter in our champagne for toasting!

3) Open 2000 time capsule!

4) Play Barbie Queen of the Prom!

5) Face time Jack and Jen!

6) Fill out New Year’s Reflections (By the firepit!)

7) Watch New Year’s countdown on TV – with New Year’s crowns!

Check, check and check -- we even played Barbie Queen of the Prom! And I won!

I'm going to hate it when she has to leave to go back to DC for her job.

Happy New Year All!


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