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Obsessed !!!

CLICK LINK BELOW to see the EAGLES - 24/7 !!!

The link in the picture doesn't work. Click link above!

CLICK LINK BELOW to see the EAGLES - 24/7 !!!

Of all things to be obsessed about...this seems to be one of the safest! I can't stop watching this Eagle Cam! It's a live feed from Big Bear Lake in California. My family had a cabin in these mountains for many years, so the sights and the sounds are familiar to me -- but the eagles --we never saw anything like this when we had our cabin there!

This Bald Eagle nest is the home to two parent eagles - Jackie (the mom, very bossy) and Shadow (the dad, very devoted). Jackie is 9 years old and Shadow is 7 years old. Jackie is bigger than Shadow, all female bald eagles are larger than their mates. And to give you an idea of size, if they stood in your kitchen, they would be as tall as your kitchen counter....they are very large birds. So majestic.

They are incubating a clutch of two eggs, their second clutch of the season. Their first clutch did not produce any heirs, so we are really hoping for a good result this time. Their last baby was Simba, who is now an eagle with his own nest somewhere perhaps, though no one has heard from him for a couple of years.

We are currently on "Pip Watch" which started on March 15. A pip is a tiny crack in the egg, which indicates that the little eaglet is pecking its way out of the egg. No pips yet, so we are all holding our breath. Experts say that there is still time before we should be anxious, and it could be this weekend when the pips begin.

The most exciting events at the nest occur either when there is a shift change, or when mom and dad are on high alert because they sense intruders nearby. Shift changes are hilarious, and are when mom and dad switch out incubating the egg. Both Jackie and Shadow are loathe to give up their spot on the egg, so they sometimes have disagreements. But things always work out. And sometimes Shadow brings Jackie a snack fish from the lake so that she does not have to go hunting for herself. Such a good husband.

They both are constantly housekeeping, bringing large sticks, and fluff for the nest. Such large sticks! Bald eagle nests are generally 4-5 feet wide and 2-4 feet deep, although Jackie and Shadow add nesting material to the nest every year. Some eagle nests stay small, but some can reach 10 feet across and weigh a thousand pounds!

The other interesting event happens when intruders are near. There are hungry ravens, squirrels, and other birds that have their eye on the nest. Jackie and Shadow make a ruckus when they are near, and make sure that those intruders know who is boss. Always a commotion.

At the moment (it's about 3:00 in Los Angeles) there are 6,500 + people watching the live feed for Jackie and Shadow. So I am in good company!!! The FOBBV cam (Friends of Big Bear Valley) runs 365 days a week and 24/7 - so if you can't sleep one night - you can watch the eagles! They'll be there with their eggies!

Hope you enjoy my new friends! And I hope that we see little eaglets soon!

CLICK LINK BELOW to see the EAGLES - 24/7 !!!


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