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Not Cranky!

Thanks to so many of you who commiserated with me about my crankiness! Some of you helped to cheer me -- and some of you gave me great tips about how to get a vaccine! The latter we are working on...and I am hopeful!

Here's an accountability update on my current projects:

Lenten letters: I've been really good about my daily lenten letters, mostly because I enjoy doing it so much. Writing to people who have played an important part in my life, and expressing gratitude to them has been a joy.

10,000 steps a day: Well. This has been harder. I have walked at least 7,000 steps most days. And 10,000 steps many days. I've skipped about 2 days in the last 3 weeks, but I think those were days that my body needed a rest. In fact, I think my body needs a rest tomorrow!!!

Water intake: I told you that I just got a new water bottle, called "hidrate" that glows when you take a drink, glows when you need to take a drink and glows when you meet your water intake goal. I've heard that, in general, water intake should be 1/2 of your body weight in ounces. The bottle app tells me each day what my water intake should be. Sometimes its more, sometimes its less. I've only missed my water intake goal 4 days of the last 3 weeks. So that's really good! I feel healthier!

Jenny meals: I'm trying to fill my oldest daughter's freezer with meals before the baby comes. So far, I think I've frozen maybe 7 meals plus a dessert! I'm aiming for at least a dozen, and hopefully I can get to 2 dozen. I just instacarted ingredients for half a dozen more meals so, I'll be busy cooking this week!

However, I do feel like I've been neglecting the garden a little bit -- but there's always tomorrow!


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