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Nighttime Sanctuary

In these turbulent times the garden is more than just a place to till and weed. It does keep the hands busy, but it also provides moments of solace, and reflection that are so necessary to help us balance our equilibrium. Being near to nature is a comfort, and finding joy in the small things, the birds, bees and sunflower sprouts helps us to keep perspective about the chaos that swirls around us.

My backyard provides this kind of sanctuary even in the nighttime, and I thought you would like to see how Robert and I spend some of our quarantine nights in our little backyard. We have several garden features that come alive at night, and we often enjoy spending time in the quiet of the evening, under the star canopy, relaxing, and sometimes doing absolutely nothing! In pre-covid days we would entertain in our backyard, but now, it’s mostly just the two of us, dining, or conversing on the patio.

Watch the video to hear me narrate the story of our backyard sanctuary, and its evolution over the course of our 35 years in our Southern California home.


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