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My Zins!

Living life with curiosity makes everything more interesting. As I wander around my garden I am always full of questions. Why this color? Why not pollinating? Why so many? And usually, because of the phenomena of the internet, the answers are right at my fingertips.

Yesterday as I was checking my front garden pathway (for the millionth time – don’t judge, I’m quarantining), I noticed something very peculiar about my zinnias. Though all one plant, each bloom almost looked like a different flower. So, my curiosity kicked in, and I did a little research. What I found out just proves how miraculous nature really is. Zinnias have moved up on the list of my favorite flowers! If you watch the video above, I know you’ll agree!

When I planted them, I planted them out of desperation. My marigolds were underperforming, trying to head out, being eaten by bugs and snails, my calibrachoa was withering away, and I was worried that I would have no border if I didn’t quickly plant some replacement flowers that could grow in quickly. I knew that zinnias could be hardy and showy, so I rushed to the nursery, bought 6 plants, and put them in the ground when I got home. Six plants were hardly going to fix the problem if all my marigolds hit the deck, but I was hopeful I could salvage a few of them.

Well, now I have an embarrassment of riches.

My marigolds have come back, and are (mostly) beautiful and healthy, sprawling just like I want them to, and providing the bright welcome that I had hoped. However, the zinnias, have held their own. They’re not quite as bright or bold as the marigolds, but they are steady, constantly producing blooms, and less prone to the problems that the marigolds had.

I feel like I have underappreciated them. They came in as the relief pitcher in the 9th inning, did a fabulous job, but have been overshadowed by the winning pitcher.

Let this little tribute to my zins be the acknowledgment of merit that they deserve. I couldn’t have done it with them. They performed in my time of need, calmed my anxiety, and boosted my spirits. Bravissimo little zins! You’ve won me over!


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