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My Veterans

My parents' time in the service informed much of their lives, the opportunities afforded them, and their perspective about what matters most.

After his time in the service, my dad continued to work for the government in the Veteran's Administration. He worked in the high rise on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood, and commuted from North Hollywood every day for 35 years. God bless him.The GI bill allowed he and my mother to buy our little house in North Hollywood where I grew up. I wish I knew more about his service. I do have a few letters he wrote to his brother while in the army, and they tell a little about his daily life, but not much about context - where he was, and what he did.

My mom, on the other hand, was very clear about what she did, and why she did it. She was medical transport personnel in Georgia, and based on the stories she told me, she enjoyed her work. I know it was hard to see the injuries of the young men, but I think she understood that she was an important, but small part in the war effort.

We always flew the flag on Veteran's Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July,

& Labor and Memorial Day too. And I knew it was something that represented for them a part who they were, and a remembrance of those they knew who served and never came home.

Proud of my mom and dad. Proud that they were Veterans. Proud to be their daughter.


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