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My Least Favorite Thing

I record and write this v/blog every day...Monday through Friday. It started at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were all at home all day, everyday - and I was newly retired.

Talking and writing about the garden, calmed me, centered me, and made me feel like things couldn't be that bad if my backyard brought me such joy.

I was surprised to find out, that my daily musings brought others some calm and joy as well, during the difficult times that began in the pandemic. So, I continued the project, v/blogging every week day. To date, I've logged 477 videos!

And honestly, the times are still difficult, both because of the pandemic and because of the political landscape that is so divided, and fractious. For me, it's still hard to read the news. (I have a great newsletter to recommend that will help in this regard!)

All to say, that that this daily v/blog, is my small contribution to bringing joy, and providing a moment of respite in these chaotic times.

My everyday may not be too different from your everyday, and that connection makes me very happy indeed. Feeling fortunate to be sharing this journey with you.


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