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My Granddog and the Pupsicle!

I just recently met my granddog, Rookie. He lives on the East Coast with my adopted son, Brandon and his husband. When we visited the Berkshires, Rookie was there to greet us...and he was a hoot! He's pretty big dog, but he doesn't know that, so he acts like a little pup, and cavorts around, always wanting lots of pets, and of, course, treats.

The one really funny thing that Rookie likes to do, is dash between your legs! He did this to me the minute I met him, and I must say I was quite surprised! I think he means it as a term of endearment, and so I will take it that way, because, as we all know, granddogs can do no wrong.

In the past, our family has had several dogs, though we don't have one I was more than happy to meet the new member of our family. His dads spoil him, but I think that's ok, because if Iived closer, I would spoil him too.

And since I don't live close, I had to send him a little treat when I got home. While we were visiting, I noticed that Rookie really liked what better treat than an ice lollipop...especially in this heat!

Though I know that Rookie would have preferred a real bone, that will have to wait until the holidays! His dads better get ready for more granddog spoiling from Grandma Jill!


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